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Presenter Guidelines

Acceptance notices will be sent on or before January 31, 2024


All concurrent sessions will last 45 minutes. Each presentation room will be equipped with a PC, a video projection device, and a screen. Please note that Internet access is available. Limited technical support will be available if you need assistance.

Please note that internet access is not always reliable on the island, and bringing personal hotspots are highly recommended if access is critical.

FishBowl Presentation

Instructions for delivering your FishBowl presentation:

  • Frame the opening of the conversation (this should take you no more than 10 minutes).
  • Keep the conversation from getting too far off track (but don't really moderate).
  • No projectors or technology will be provided for Fishbowl presentations.
  • Provide a 50 work overview of the topic (which we will post to the conference website)

The FishBowl works as follows: You will provide a brief presentation (about 10 minutes) followed by prepared questions for audience discussion. these sessions last for 45 minutes.

Accepted papers will be due by March 15th, 2024

Your paper will be published in the Distance Learning Administration Annual Proceedings and will be considered for the Best Paper Awards and invitation for publication in The Online Journal of Distance Learning Administration.

  1. Use single spacing for body text. Time or New Times Roman font, and 10 point type, flush left.
  2. The title should be Times or Times New Roman, 16-point type, bold and centered.
  3. Author name(s) and affiliation should be centered, plain text, starting three spaces below the title. The affiliation should be below the author's name. Skip one line between authors and then two lines after the authors before starting a paper.
  4. Do not put the word abstract in bold.
  5. Keep everything flush left, except the title, authors, and affiliations. Headers should be in BOLD.
  6. Do not underline anything. Use italics instead.
  7. If you have tables and figures, include them within the paper, NOT on separate pages. Please provide a separate copy of figures and illustrations in a graphics format (GIF or JPEG). Limit to three tables and figures, please.
  8. Don't indent or tab the first line of a paragraph. Create a blank space above and below each paragraph.
  9. Any reference should be at the end of your paper, using APA style.
  10. Set all margins to 1 inch.
  11. Do not number your pages.

There are no length requirements or restrictions. However, your paper will ideally be between 400 and 1600 words. We reserve the right to edit lengthy papers to meet space limitations.

At the end of the paper, put the names, positions, affiliations, addresses, and email addresses of each author. This should go after the references, with one space between the references and the authors and no heading.

Lucy Smith is the Director of Distance Education at Florida State College, Cleartown, Florida 33333. Email:

Submit via email to Send your paper as an email attachment in Microsoft Word if possible. Be sure to include any graphic files that may appear in your paper separately in GIF or JPEG format.

If your manuscript has not been previously published, either in whole or in part, you agree, by submission of your manuscript and as a condition of publication, to assign copyright of the material to the Distance Learning Administration Conference. However, publication in the Distance Learning Administration Annual Proceedings does not preclude you're offering the materials for subsequent consideration for publication by other journals. Suppose your manuscript has been previously published, either in whole or in part. In that case, you are reminded that it is your responsibility to obtain formal approval in writing from the copyright holder for the publication of the materials and to make appropriate and full acknowledgment of the copyright holder in the manuscript for publication.

You should register online as soon as possible. In order to receive an early registration rate, we must have registration and payment by March 30, 2024. Late registration will increase by $70. Hotel registration at the Jekyll Island Resort is available by calling 912-635-2600. A conference hotel at a discounted rate is available. We suggest that you make your reservations as soon as possible to ensure that you get a room. You should reference the Distance Learning Administration Conference/University of West Georgia in order to get conference rates.